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7th session of Municipal Assembly

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

On Thursday, 17 December 2009. was held on 7th Session of Municipal Assembly Ub.  During the work on the proposed agenda, the Assembly adopted:

1. Decision on determining the Strategy of sustainable local development municipality Ub for the period 2010-2020
2. Decision on the detailed development plan for the regulation of surface mine zone of influence “Radljevo” first phase – the northern part of the planning area
3. Program for making the task of planning documents open pit mine Radljevo
4. Decision on the general development plan of regulation “Ub 2025»
5. Decision on amending the Decision on preparation of reports on strategic evaluation of the Master Plan “Ub 2025»
6. Decision on the detailed development plan for the complex regulation “Skolarac” in Ub
7. The decision on making the third amendment of the Plan detailed regulation “Center – block number 2” (the block between the streets of Vuk Karadzic, October 3, King Peter and the building of  “REIK”)
8. Decision on development of detailed regulation plan for making the road between the streets Rajko Milivojevic and Slavoljub Mihailovic in Ub
9. Decision on development of detailed regulation plan for expansion of the cemetery in the village Liso Polje
10. Decision on Amending the Decision on the organization of municipal government municipality Ub
11. Decision on the Establishment of the Council for Employment Municipal Ub and opening the budget fund to finance the programs and measures of active employment policy in the municipality of Ub
12. The decision to amend the decision on compensation for the use of construction land
13. Decision on termination of the Fund for the Environment and  opening of a budgetary fund for the financing of programs and plans of the  environmental protection
14. Decision on amending the Settlement Commission on Education for the professional development of the annual program of protection, regulation and use of agricultural land (about the proposals which are decided in a summary procedure)
15. The decision on dismissal and appointment of members of the Management Board Preschool “Ub”

Decision of the Assembly, the draft decision on local communal fees withdrawn from the agenda.

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