The municipality is rich in mineral raw materials, boasting deposits of gravel, sand, heat-resistant clay, lignite and building stone. It also offers water sources that are still untapped.

The area configuration and characteristics are suitable for the development of agriculture, with a high percentage of fertile land in the municipality and other forested areas. The villages surrounding Ub town specialise in agricultural cultivation within plasticized greenhouses. The lower parts of the river valleys offer the most fertile land for agriculture, while the hilly terrain is suitable for orchards.

In 2007 there were 151 active companies in the municipality: 143 classed as small enterprises (up to 50 employees) and eight as medium-sized firms. Ub has a total of 1,851 employees (2007 figures), with 986 in small companies and 865 in medium-sized companies. Average gross earnings per capita in 2007 amounted to 37,496.00 dinars per month.

Total income generated in 2007 was 6,715,392,000.00 dinars, while total expenditure accounted for 6,459,137,000 Companies based in the municipality of Ub generated profits worth 256,255,000 dinars. The greatest revenue, expenditure and profit margins were seen in the processing industry, while the greatest losses were in the field of transport and the real estate business.

The total value of Ub’s foreign trade exchange in 2007 was $6.2 million, 43% of which came from EU countries. Exports were valued at $3.8 million and imports at $2.4 million, creating a foreign trade exchange surplus worth $ 1.4 million.

The most important export items are plastic products ($1.3 million), construction materials ($1.1 million) and meat ($ 0.5 million), followed by aluminium, iron and steel products.

Employment growth of 8.8%, or 322 workers, was achieved in 2007. This left a total of 3,988 citizens registered as employed (of which 1,047 were classed as self-employed) and 2,364 unemployed jobseekers in the Ub Municipality.

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